• Image of Unicorn

12inch tall handmade crochet unicorn with rainbow mane and tail.

They poop glitter and they fart rainbows which smell like cookie dough.... There is nothing better than a unicorn. FACT.

And they don't care about their haters.

Each of my unicorns is entirely hand created by me, in my little home studio, from my own pattern....which means every single one has hours of tea, biscuits, love, marshmallows and musical theatre show tunes poured into it.

I also do bespoke unicorns, meaning you can request any colours that you wish and as I whip them all up from scratch, your creation will be your very own.

Unicorns sit at 12 inches high (31 cm approx) from rump to tip and their horns should not be used for sword fights.... They are totally anti-violence.

Feel free to pop me an email to discuss anything..... Except what to feed your unicorn.... You know they just eat cake sprinkles right?