• Image of Dragon


Dragons aren't all about hoarding gold and toasting Knights into crispy critters...some just like to listen to 80's rock classics and make smores.

Dragons stand at 30 cm high from tip to toe and 23cm from toe to tail. The perfect size for cuddles in front of CSI reruns.

I make each dragon by hand to order. Feel free to request any colour combo you would like.

These items are meant for decorative purposes only and even though safety eyes are used, parents are asked to use their parental judgement before giving them to children.

Dragons are packaged up in paper and popped in a water resistant mailing bag before being sent by courier to you.

If they have company on the trip (if you buy more than one item!) they are wrapped together and you only pay one lot of postage... We don't like to fiddle you on postage one bit.